Patricia Delaite | MDChief Medical Officer

    Patricia joined Nouscom in January 2020 as Chief Medical Officer from AMAL Therapeutics where she acted as CMO.

    Prior to AMAL, Patricia spent 15 years in biopharmaceutical clinical development, taking over several roles and responsibilities for lead and back-up portfolio assets at various stages of project maturity, targeting worldwide geographies and regulatory strategy.

    At AMAL, she transitioned a preclinical therapeutic recombinant peptide vaccine to successful FIH operating both in US and EU with a single trial design. At Incyte, she designed and conducted two clinical development programs in hemato-oncology, with contributions from phase 1 to proof of concepts followed by pivotal studies targeting MAA, including commitments to pediatric plans and one bridging study enabling Japanese patients to be enrolled in the global pivotal trial.

    Patricia spent 10 years in University Hospital Geneva in the area of Internal Medicine, Oncology and Hemato-oncology, working as resident, fellow and Head of Clinic.

    Patricia graduated as a medical doctor and received an MBA with Biotech specialization from University Lausanne. She’s currently teaching in a Drug development master program at the Geneva Faculty of Medicine and acting as an independent Board director for a Swedish biotech company.

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