Enhancing natural anti-cancer immunity

Next-generation genetic cancer vaccines

Personalised and off-the-shelf genetic cancer vaccines

Nouscom’s differentiated and proprietary heterologous prime/boost platform technology employs a great ape adenovirus (GAd) followed by a Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA). We have previously demonstrated that non-human primate adenoviruses trigger especially potent immune responses in humans (Colloca et al,2012), with MVA further expanding and improving the phenotype of antigen-specific T cells (Swadling et al, 2014).

We have engineered our GAd and MVA vectors to encode an unprecedented number of cancer neoantigens compared with other platforms, to more efficiently induce and expand cancer-specific T cells.

This genetic vaccination platform has previously been extensively validated in the clinic using a variety of infectious disease antigen payloads, and is currently being targeted to human malignancies in Nouscom’s two lead programmes: NOUS-209 (an off-the-shelf neoantigen vaccine) and NOUS-PEV (a personalized neoantigen vaccine). Nouscom’s extensive experience in the manufacturing of vaccines and access to a state-of-the art manufacturing facility enable their personalized vaccines to be turned around within weeks. This rapid delivery of personalized genetic cancer vaccines to patients significantly compresses the time from tumor biopsy and next-generation sequencing to released product, opening up a host of clinical possibilities that were not previously feasible.

Next-Generation Targeted Oncolytic Viruses

Targeted armored oncolytic viruses that selectively infect and kill cancer cells while delivering immuno-modulatory molecules that improve immune responses and treatment efficacy.

Oncolytic viruses have immunological properties that extend beyond tumor cell lysis. They target and kill cancer cells via the mechanism of immunogenic cancer cell death, and facilitate a vaccine-like effect through the local release of endogenous neoantigens following cancer cell lysis.

The proprietary oncolytic viruses developed by Nouscom have been selectively de-targeted from their natural receptors and then re-targeted to tumor cell-surface antigens. This enable them to selectively infect and kill cancer cells, leading to immunogenic cell death, local recruitment of T cells at tumor site, and reactivation of T cells in the tumor microenvironment.

Nouscom’s next-generation oncolytic viruses can be delivered systemically, and “armed” with immuno-modulatory transgenes to potentiate their anti-tumor effect.

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